Top 10 Networking Tips

  1. Understand What Networking Is
    Networking is a proactive (although sometimes reactive) approach to meeting people.
    If you help great people get what they want, they help you right back. That’s networking!

  2. Determine Your Specific Purpose
    More Business, Land a Job, Social Reasons, Learning, and Solving a Specific Problem.
    What type of business are you looking for? Or what are you interested in learning?

  3. Go to the Right Places
    Pick your particular group and get involved.
    Make things happen, don’t just show up and expect things to happen.

  4. Meet the Right People
    Who are your true prospects? Really be specific here.
    Now, who are your best referral sources? Again, specifics!

  5. Say the Right Things
    Know how to introduce yourself – “Hello, my name is….”
    Ask great questions about them – questions that you would want them to ask about you!

  6. Never, Never, Never, Never, Sell!
    Fellow attendees at events are potential referral sources.
    Over time, some may become prospects but those you meet are not your target customers. Unless they tell you they are.

  7. Make It About Them
    Make almost everything you say and ask about them – not you.
    Effective networking is a WE thing, not a ME thing (or YOU thing).

  8. Have an Elevator “Speech”
    This is a prepared (not rehearsed or memorized) response to, “What do you do?”
    So in essence, give an overview in about 20 seconds on what you do and those you help.

  9. Follow Up
    This should be established toward the end of your conversation. Ask them about next steps.
    Just make sure you do what you say you will do.

  10. Stay in Touch
    After getting to know one another, if it makes sense, brainstorm on ways to stay in touch, learn more, develop the relationship, and create added value to the partnership.