“In the years I have been part of TNG I have created numerous valued relationships, developed true friendships and most importantly created great business opportunities with like-minded, good-hearted and authentic colleagues.  This community is exceptionally unique in the high-quality professionals it attracts.”
-Ivy Slater, Slater Success

 “TNG is by far my favorite networking group.  I love the mastermind group format where we have the opportunity to talk and really get to know one another as well as the element of fun in every meeting.  It has become my community and my family here in NYC and currently extending across the country.”
-MerriLyn Gibbs, Owner, Assistants 4 Hire

“TNG is a dynamic group which is what enticed me to move forward in becoming a member. The positive energy is palpable and that's what is required of any individual or group that is interested in making a difference. An environment of giving is the deal, and it's fun!” 
-Catherine Chadwick of Catherine Chadwick Consulting, LLC, umbrella to You've Got Nurse® and The Sunshine Quotient®

“TNG has provided me business building opportunities across the U.S. during a time that’s presented challenges for relationship development. The breakout groups, designed to facilitate introductions to those who have business synergies, enhance the value of the experience. In addition to the business component, TNG has allowed me to develop some meaningful personal connections.” 
-Shree Sharma, Founder & President, Summit eDiscovery Consulting

“TNG is the networking group I've been searching for.  The majority of my business is done with decision-makers living out of state.  I finally have the opportunity to network with professionals who can introduce me to my potential clients. And TNG members are interesting, fun and truly want to help their fellow members grow professionally. It's great to be able to give and get with this fine group of people.” 
-Jodi Glacer, Eldercare Consultant, Senior Care Authority, South Florida

“After joining numerous networking groups I have hit the Jackpot!!! Michael Goldberg and Tommy D create an energy and community that calls you to reach out between meetings connecting with the many members who truly want to open up possibilities you never knew were possible. Vibrant, high-energy meetings and warm, deeper connections are a great combo!”
-Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD., Speaker/Coach/Problem Solver

As a relative newcomer to TNG, I felt welcome from the first day. I enjoy the structure of the meetings – both 'Members Only' and 'Champagne Events' - as you get to meet the entire group and have the opportunity to break into smaller groups.  I have met the most interesting, caring, and accomplished individuals. The meetings are always upbeat and lively. Michael Goldberg's energy is contagious!”
-Carol S, Dashboard NY

“I joined TNG in the winter of 2020, I was looking for a networking group that did things differently then just meeting each month and TNG provided that.  Prior to Covid 19, TNG was changing the way we network, by having breakout groups so that you were able to meet others each time in a much smaller group with specific questions to assist in understanding the members of your smaller group's business and how to strategically refer them.  During the pandemic, TNG has given all of us the capabilities to meet and strategically network with individuals in other states which enables us to partner and create other opportunities to grow our businesses.” 
-Theresa Semple, Semple Solutions  

“I love the TNG group! It is full of amazing givers who are at the top of their game and know how to network well.” 
-Steven McKeon, MacGuyverTech