“In the years I have been part of TNG I have created numerous valued relationships, developed true friendships and most importantly created great business opportunities with like-minded, good-hearted and authentic colleagues.  This community is exceptionally unique in the high-quality professionals it attracts.”
-Ivy Slater, Slater Success

“After joining numerous networking groups I have hit the Jackpot!!! Michael Goldberg and Tommy D create an energy and community that calls you to reach out between meetings connecting with the many members who truly want to open up possibilities you never knew were possible. Vibrant, high-energy meetings and warm, deeper connections are a great combo!”
-Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD., Speaker/Coach/Problem Solver

As a relative newcomer to TNG, I felt welcome from the first day. I enjoy the structure of the meetings – both 'Members Only' and 'Champagne Events' - as you get to meet the entire group and have the opportunity to break into smaller groups.  I have met the most interesting, caring, and accomplished individuals. The meetings are always upbeat and lively. Michael Goldberg's energy is contagious!”
-Carol S, Dashboard NY

"I never imagined myself in a networking group … ever …. but I am having a wonderful time meeting so many different people in this incredible community you have created (and that you nurture every single day)!  You are really making a difference in people’s lives. Everyone I speak with talks about how grateful they are for TNG and how it has engaged their lives. So, thank you!!!”
-Jennifer Monness, The Meditation Lab