Suggest a Guest

TNG table discussion

Here is what we review before approving Suggested Guests: 

  • Is the Suggested Guest in a profession that is a “good fit” at this time? (For example, if there are already 3 residential realtors registered, we may not want to approve another one. Also, are they in a sales role?)
  • Is the Suggested Guest established in their profession? (Full time focus with an impressive “body of work” to show for it.)
  • Is the Suggested Guest a true “connector”? (Likes making introductions. Thinks of “giving” and helping others first, rather than “taking”.)
  • Is the Suggested Guest someone you know well enough to vouch for their credibility and reliability? (Client, associate, referral partner, fellow member of a business group, etc.)
  • Is the Suggested Guest fun? (Flourishes in a community environment, high energy, and enjoys socializing with others.)

Next Steps!

We’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours regarding the status of your Suggested Guests. If approved, we’ll send an official invite to your Suggested Guests and copy you.

You can take it from there!

Suggest Guests HERE!

If you have never attended a TNG event, please contact us to arrange a scheduled interview.