We pride ourselves on establishing a high level, professional, fun environment with just the right amount of champagne cheer!

That’s why we have a “vetting” process.

We want you to return to our events often, refer lots of Suggested Guests, and of course, become an official Member!

That said, it’s important to keep our standards high as we continue to grow.

Below are our Policies that we hold all TNG attendees accountable to as we continue to raise our quality standard. Like raising a glass of bubbly!


All TNG guests have pre-registered, and therefore, prepaid for the event in advance. 
*All paid registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable to future events.

Registration closes at 1pm on the day of the Champagne Event to allow adequate time to arrange Groups.


Champagne Events usually begin at 6:00 pm and end promptly at 7:45 pm Eastern time. 

Attendance for the full event is key. There are planned activities based on the registration list (table groups which have seat assignments), and therefore, attendees must plan to stay for the entire event.

If you absolutely need to leave early, please let the hosts know so they can plan accordingly (and re-arrange the table groups to cover the seat designated for you). If you happen to know prior to registering for the event that you will not be able to attend the entire meeting, we prefer you hold off and mark your calendar to attend the next Champagne Event rather than leaving early.

If you travel to the events from out of town, please consider your timing and schedule as you plan for TNG.


Business attire is required to attend both the Champagne and Members Only Meetings. And of course, proper grooming. We invite you to show up to TNG looking your best! An upbeat, upscale environment is what we’re creating and your attire makes a difference.

Please, no jeans, shorts, sneakers, tee shirts, hoodies, or white socks.


TNG is a professional and elegant environment lending itself to quality attendees having business conversations over a laugh and a glass of bubbly.

So please act the part!

  • No selling of products and services to fellow attendees – they’re not your prospects.
  • No adding email addresses of fellow attendees to your blog without permission.
  • Act positively, respectfully, and professionally always.
  • Be open-minded, listen more, and talk less.
  • Listen to your Table Captains and hosts.
  • Be responsible when enjoying adult beverages.