Membership Standards

We define a Member of the TNG community as someone who pays their Membership dues either monthly or annually, in good faith, while being an active and engaged participant of both the evening Champagne Events and morning Members Only Meetings.

Our best and most successful Members: 

  • Make every effort to support the events and event leaders.
  • Are in regular communication with one another and with event leaders.
  • Regularly suggest quality Guests that matter to them and to TNG.
  • Attend additional “out of town” events and support TNG growth.
  • Attend all meetings for full duration and participate actively.
  • Schedule individual meetings with fellow Members and attendees.
  • Respond quickly to communication and take ownership and initiative. 

This Membership Standard is expected of ALL Members in the TNG Community.

These standards are evaluated regularly, and performance expectations may be shared with Members throughout the annual Membership cycle.

If a paying Member is not performing within the Membership Standard upon evaluation by TNG Leadership, annual Membership MAY NOT be renewed to allow “the seat” to be available for others in the same profession or category.

All Membership's, whether paid monthly or annually, incur an one-year commitment. Annual Membership renewal is at the discretion of TNG Leadership based on the practices of the Membership Standards, as well as the popularity of the “professional seat” within the TNG Community. Members commit to a minimum of a one-year Membership. 

Termination of Membership

Membership to ONE or BOTH Communities may be terminated after a minimum of ONE year from the application date. If, for whatever reason, the need to terminate Membership arises prior to the ONE-year cycle (relocation, change in business or employment, other various conflicts), TNG may take each scenario into consideration at their discretion.