Just Say "NO"vember

Written by Machen MacDonald

Leaders with a Mentor Mindset know that November is a great time to take inventory of what to say "No" or "No more" to.

In today's world we experience more stimulation in one week than our ancestors did in an entire year just a couple generation ago. It's no wonder anxiety is on the rise.

"NO"vember is a perfect time of year to take inventory both personally and professionally and sever the cord to anything that doesn't contribute to your success and wellbeing.

It's not being selfish. It's being self-full.

You have people depending on you and if your time and energy is being directed and consumed away from what you and your people need, it probably won't end well.

Great business leaders like Buffett, Jobs, Gates, Cuban, Branson, Mackey all know the power of "NO," and they seem to have done well for themselves by doing so.

Here are some ideas to reclaim back your time, energy, and even money:

Just say NO, thank you to the following:

1. New opportunities that look like there is potential, yet are not in alignment with your vision, mission, and goals. Get over the FOMO. Stick to your plan.

2. Interruptions and distractions from your primary focus. Set clear, clean boundaries around your time and demand they be respected. Anticipate and plan accordingly.

3. Current commitments to groups, committees, memberships, and organizations that no longer serve you or the people involved. A - The world will go on without you. B - If the idea of showing up contaminates your energy level rather than contributes to it, then it's a good indicator to move on and make room for the next person that can serve and contribute.

4. What tools, subscriptions, and memberships have not worked out as you had hoped and yet you are still holding out hope. If it hasn't worked for you by now, there is a substantial probability it won't. Stop kidding yourself, move on, and make way for what will work.

5. Meetings with the wrong people or meeting the right people for the wrong amount of time. Before you take a meeting, be very clear on the purpose, process, and payoff of the meeting. Don't waste your time or theirs. I'm all for meeting new people and building your network. You never know what synergies lie ahead. However, be mindful. Does the meeting need to be in person or can you save time virtually? Does it need to be for a full hour, or can you go for 15 minutes? Can you meet more than one of the people on your dance card at a common event you will already be attending?

6. Take inventory of your checking and credit card statements. What auto drafts need to be canceled? What vendors do you need to renegotiate with and get them to sharpen their pencil. I guarantee there are a few hundred dollars if not thousands you can reclaim if you haven't done this in the last three months.

There is great power in saying "No!" Get clear on what you need to say absolutely "YES" to in order to succeed and feel fulfilled. If something comes your way that is not an "absolute YES," it's clearly a "NO." Don't be afraid. Trust the process for the month of "NO"vember. If something is really meant to be part of your experience it will circle back and find you.

Here's to your ever-expanding successes!

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