10 Knock Out Business Practices to Practice!

Written by Michael Goldberg

Here are 10 simple strategies you can put into practice NOW to be more impactful with your business networking, improve your street cred, and make a “knock-out” impression!

24-Hour Rule

Return all emails, texts, and voicemail messages within 24 hours. (I know, I know, I can be better at this.)

The Early Bird

Register for events early. Arrive early! Pay early. Help early. Get the worm.

Be Reliable and in Communication

How much business do you refer to those you network with that are unreliable?

Take Notes

Lots of them! Those that take notes get things done. (Write that down!)

You Could Use a Break Today

Schedule 15-minute breaks between meetings, when possible, to take action on your notes from the last meeting.

Own Your Calendar

Block commitments for the month so you can offer prospects and clients other scheduling options. If you bump scheduled meetings for “client” or “prospect” meetings, in most cases, others own your calendar.

Just Say No

If an opportunity doesn’t light you up (business, networking, service, fun), don’t do it or don’t do it now.

Circle Back with Referral Sources

Thank them again and provide updates. Did it work out? Why or why not?


Be active! Ask questions, make comments, and pay compliments when appropriate. Exude passion and energy! People notice.

Be My Guest

Get in the habit of inviting guests to attend events with you. Share the fun and always consider who else can benefit from the opportunity.


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