Knockout Strategies to Manage Your Calendar

Written by Michael Goldberg

Manage your calendar to have more control of your time!
I lead business networking events nationally and regularly deal with registration, planning, and all the prep required to lead a successful event.

Given our process, registration and overall attendance is excellent.

Despite this, I’m amazed when someone cancels at the last minute or simply “no shows” because they suddenly have a client appointment. Couldn’t that appointment have been scheduled at another time? Why would you schedule a client or prospect meeting at a time that you registered (and paid) for another meeting?

If this was a sales meeting, would you miss one sales meeting to attend another?

Naturally, life happens, and other circumstances come up.

An accountant that must suddenly process a return by the deadline.

A web host that must help get a client’s website up and running after it crashes.

The Board or a group of decision-makers are only available at this specific time.

An accidental double booking or a client meeting that should have made the calendar but didn’t.

Of course, a family situation involving childcare, sickness, or your own well-being is a given.

When the situation is NOT an emergency, why can’t the client meeting simply be scheduled at another time? That is, unless you don’t value the meeting you’re not showing up for.

One of the great benefits of being business owners is that you get to own your calendar. You can decide, in most cases, what and when a meeting gets scheduled.

If you’re not controlling your time with prospects, clients, and even family and friends, they may not respect your time. Boundaries, man!

Here are five ways to own your schedule and manage your calendar!

Book Recurring Events Ahead of Time – Book and block those times for the month.

  • Create a Model Week – Block segments of time for meetings, projects, follow-up.
  • Say No – To projects and meetings that aren’t relevant or don’t light you up.
  • Plan Your Model Week Ahead of Time – Stay two to three weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Plan Your Day, Every Day – Plan your work and work your plan.
  • Stick to Your Plan – Use this “container” to manage your life.

How do you currently manage and own your calendar? Comment below!

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