What a Life

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD

If you have been following me, you are aware that I have recently moved. The walls are all painted, the pictures are all hung, all the plants are settling, and the new furniture is in. Now back to my life

In my meditation each evening, I review my day. In what way did I betray myself today? (Saying yes when I wanted to say no, etc.) In what way did I fall short? (Didn’t submit that form I promised.) As well, in what way did I exceed expectations or receive an unexpected blessing?

For me, this nightly exercise is a reminder that this is an ever-evolving spiritual journey of growing, expanding, and remembering the person I want to be as I walk this gift of life.

In addition, last night I opened myself up by saying to the universe, or Spirit, “I’m now ready to serve more in whatever way I am needed.” I have my ideas and am moving forward with them, yet I am open to what presents itself as well.

Wouldn’t you know, someone was listening? A dear friend of mine, a fellow National Speakers’ Association member who I used to room with at the annual conferences around the country, and ride with to our monthly meetings until she moved to the Carolinas called. She was asked to speak at a conference here in CT to 300-500 women in March and asked if I could do it instead. Of course. A former student called and asked for a “not-urgent session but as soon as possible.” And another former student notified me of her husband’s prostate cancer and asked for a healing session. All this in addition to my regular clients, meetings, paperwork, and efforts to work out each morning to get back into the shape I once knew. 

It warmed me to see the pace. Have you ever noticed that when you say you are ready for something, just that consent seems to open a floodgate? Have you noticed that when your intention is set (versus your will to push and force things into being) life simply seems to have permission to move forward even at a pace faster than you imagined? We are not functioning in a vacuum I dare say…

The power of our intentions, our openness to grow, to serve and take risks, makes all things possible. Conversely, when things aren’t happening, I believe it’s time to stop for a bit and assess whether or not we have mixed emotions, or mixed intentions working simultaneously. “I want to do more yet I’ve decided to sleep 10 hours a night instead of 6.” or “I want more at-home time yet I’m joining two new networking groups.” 

Our power to create so much more than we ever imagined is at our fingertips. The difficulty is frequently when we want opposing goals, or we are afraid to follow that inclination, that intuitive knowing, for fear of what it will expect of us, and the possible changes required. Trust what you intuitively sense. Trust your longings and when you are ready, put them out there. In taking that leap of faith you have no idea what will present itself or how you will be called to grow and come alive. 

We are walking in a world where we are all so energetically connected, one solid vibration of intent can create shockwaves, wonderfully, vibrant, shockwaves that can transform you and your life with one well-spoken intent. Try it – but only when you are ready!

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