Written by Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

I am almost finished in redesigning my Leadership Self-Assessment Tool that supports leaders in understanding their style of leadership. I have developed Thought Leader – Team Leader – Supportive Leader – Visionary Leader & Organizational Leader. Each with different strengths, vulnerabilities, beliefs, and stress patterns, along with the diseases and disorders those of each style are predisposed to, based on their patterns of stress. It is going from a pdf to a digital graphic format with immediate response and analysis. Always with an option for a more in-depth personal consultation.

In creating the questionnaire, which is now with the editor, I have been told repeatedly, by others who have seen it, “I have never been asked that question before.” If they have never been asked that question, why would they have ever spent time on understanding the answer? Our questions, especially the more outrageous or unusual ones, have the power to cause people perhaps for the first time to stop and think about themselves at a level they have never approached before.