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Promotional Products and a Pandemic

Written by Fred Taffer


One minute you’re working hard to grow your business and then out of nowhere...silence. With no warning or time to prepare, every industry was quickly affected by Covid-19. There’s no telling how long before we are safely beyond this pandemic and fully functioning, so we are all left with one choice...adapt.

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A New Website – Leveraging Your Company's Strengths

Written by John Rod

When starting the task of developing a new website for your company’s brand, how do you best leverage your strengths. Every company is unique and so should every website be equally unique in telling the story of your brand. What techniques are most important for successful leveraging your company’s strengths?

When creating your website brand, many things should be taken into consideration. Priorities should aimed at search engine ranking in your area, creating web pages that are sticky, formulating unique content for keywords, or “calls-to-action” connecting potential customers with the sales team. Creating content also means professional photography and professional video which engages the audience.

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