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Breaking Through Call Reluctance

Written by Machen MacDonald

Call reluctance is a common obstacle that hampers the productivity of sales professionals and small business owners. It’s the internal resistance to the act of picking up the phone and contacting prospects, often stemming from fear of rejection, lack of confidence, or the comfort of procrastination. Below are a sequence of 9 strategies to overcome these mental and emotional barriers. You can remember them by the acronym: MAKECALLS to overcome reluctance.

Understanding Call Reluctance
Call reluctance comes in many forms, the most popular being creative avoidance behavior, where individuals find alternative tasks to avoid the discomfort of making sales calls. This resistance not only impacts sales performance but also inhibits growth opportunities. The right environment plays a crucial role in mitigating this resistance. An organized, distraction-free workspace, clear goals, and supportive relationships can significantly reduce the emotional and mental burden associated with sales calls.

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The Gift Of One Thing At A Time

Written by Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

I’ve started doing one-hour conversations for women who want Elevated Leadership. Normally it is the second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 but in August it will be on Thursday the 10th because a family member is receiving her white medical coat as she prepares to begin her medical career. 

Amazingly, since I hate to cancel a commitment, my first thought was “I could bring my laptop and get away for an hour and then rejoin my family.” It took less than a split second to realize how insane a thought that was. Insane, yet how typical is it for you to go there? If I were to do so, I would not be fully present in the session, nor would I be fully present at the ceremony later thinking of what I had missed while also hoping that there had not been excessive noise in the background.

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Fixing Your Energy Crisis to Get Things Done

Written by Machen MacDonald

Do you wish you had more energy to get things done? Are you exhausted at the end of the day and not really sure why? Do you wonder how other people seem to have so much energy and vitality for their life and work?

Before I help you find more energy to get things done, here is a quick physics lesson. It’s a simple one, so hang in here with me. 

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The Value of Rest for Your Success

Written by Machen MacDonald

Are you overscheduled? Obsessing about your career? Fantasizing about lolling on an exotic island beach? You may be overdue for some rest. As the pace of modern life accelerates, the need for, and the value of rest sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Often, rest is exactly what we need to perform at our peak.

The Value of Rest

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Sleep and Productivity

Written by Juli Shulem

Sleep is one of the key factors for our cognitive functioning to, well…function. You can probably recall a time when you didn’t get enough sleep and you were not as effective as you could have been: You forgot important information, your memory was foggy, and maybe you weren’t as speedy or focused as you normally are. There is a reason why there are so many sleep aids available – because it is simply too important NOT to have a good night’s sleep. For years I have been sharing sleep information with my clients who either don’t value having a regular sleep schedule or can’t seem to make one happen consistently. It’s worse when you are actually in bed trying to fall asleep and then can’t sleep because you are so worried about NOT falling asleep. There is a name for that: Sleep Onset Insomnia (SOI) and a neuroscientist at Washington University in St. Louis shared that the pre-sleep stage (when your lights are off and your eyes are closed and you are starting to ‘let go’ of your day) is necessary. If you can’t fall asleep because you have too much on your mind – think of something else – like name cities that start with the alphabet in order…anything to help your mind let go. 

Sometimes we have so much on our minds that we need to be able to give our brains a rest – literally! I recommend a bedtime ritual where you spend a good 45-60 minutes ‘getting ready’ for bed and sleep. When we were babies, our parents had us on a schedule and we got accustomed to it. As we got older and went to school, we may have skipped a few steps. As adults, we may do nothing beyond a few minutes to brush our teeth and change our clothes before falling into bed. For some they sleep – for most they toss and turn. If you take time to let your body ‘wind down’ and you adhere to some consistent rituals every night, that will signal to your brain (and most of your thoughts) to slow down and get ready to sleep. It works.

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