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Year-End Musings

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville

As we near the end of the year, I get excited about new beginnings, new adventures, and new ways of doing old things. Soon, it will be my chance to start anew – to grow – and to become even more of myself than I have ever been. For me, one of the best ways to do that is to take on more challenges. To reach higher, to take on those scary new risks that show up, and that I create.

Simultaneously, I am also aware of the need to look at the things I have done this year. What am I extremely proud of, what can I applaud myself for? What risks did I shy away from? What limiting beliefs popped up? Which impacted me and which could I simply identify and then ignore? Also, I look each year at whether or not I ever lost my passion and love of what I do and if so, why? In this, I easily learn from my clients.

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The Four Agreements

Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD 

I had an interesting conversation with a friend/business associate this week, and one of the key points I made was about the necessity of knowing what your integrity looks like. It will frequently be challenged by numerous situations which arise, some offering you options to short-cut, to let a touch of integrity go, or to rationalize to justify a particular decision.

It reminded me that our values need to be solid. We need to know what governs us, and how we want to define ourselves and our interactions with everyone we touch. My standard reference to the necessity of meditation, mindfulness, or prayer is a standard reminder of what supports us in knowing who we are and what values we want to live our lives by. Not one of us is perfect but all of us can be real and divinely human.

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A New Year - A New Age Has Arrived!

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD 

Now that my birthday weekend is over and my thanksgiving for another year is ever-present, it is time to flourish as I look forward to what this year brings and to what I am inspired to create.

What I am discovering is that as time goes on, I am more determined to simplify where my company and I are going. I have the most amazing team with me and feel immensely blessed for what last year brought. However, after stepping back, my vision has been realigned yet again, and I am so excited about what is coming.

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Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

This week happened to be one of those weeks where I was in many conversations about what I do. My standard response is “Leadership Coach and Consultant.” I believe however like so many of us “What do you do?” could have a thesis response and it still wouldn’t fill in all the gaps...

What do I do?

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