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10 Knock Out Business Practices to Practice!

Written by Michael Goldberg

Here are 10 simple strategies you can put into practice NOW to be more impactful with your business networking, improve your street cred, and make a “knock-out” impression!

24-Hour Rule

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Be Attractive to Your Ideal Clients to Grow Your Business

Written by Machen MacDonald

Imagine a row of trees with only one or two thriving and in full bloom. Where does your attention go? Your focus doesn’t go to the small spindly looking trees with no leaves but rather to the ones with full blossoms and leaves. Many businesses tend to cut back their marketing and wonder why they’re not attracting the business they need in order to thrive.

Scores of business owners cut off critical marketing and promotion limbs because they hallucinate they can’t afford such things in times like these.

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Cannabis Businesses – Get Ready to Sit at the Bargaining Table

Written by Stephen Trimboli

Cannabis Businesses – Get Ready to Sit at the Bargaining Table

Cannabusiness. The mere utterance of this word generates excitement at the thought of the new business opportunities available. But those with visions of operating a cannabusiness in New Jersey need to be aware that other than “microbusinesses,” all licensed producers, growers, transporters and vendors will be required to enter into union agreements or face having their licenses revoked. Having a “labor peace” agreement with a labor union – that is, an agreement not to contest the union’s efforts to organize one’s workers, often in exchange for the union’s promise not to strike or picket – is a requirement for applying even for a temporary license. Once the license is granted, the licensee must maintain the labor peace agreement or enter into a collective bargaining agreement (or at least make good faith efforts to conclude such an agreement) within 200 days of opening for business. Failure to do so can result in license suspension or revocation.

Cannabusiness entrepreneurs face obstacles unique to that industry. But collective bargaining, even in a harmonious, constructive union relationship, imposes a new set of mutual rights and obligations that cannabusiness entrepreneurs may not be aware of. A short article can only skim the surface of these rights and obligations. But some key points are critical to understand.
First, an entrepreneur cannot simply begin to bargain with any union he or she chooses.

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Winning Your Prospecting Game

By Machen MacDonald

Are you winning your game and how are you impacting people profoundly?

To win at the people business you have to win at the numbers game. You have to find your way to get to the people so they can benefit from your expertise and what you do. You have to win the numbers game of prospecting.

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Keeping the Family Business Running and the Business Family Happy

Written by Rob DePalo Jr.

Running a successful business is complex per se. Adding the element of “family” to a business often creates more complexities, especially as the business grows. Lifelong family bonds and expectations can run headlong into business realities and needs. Today, we’ll share some ideas about how to keep the family business running and the business family happy.

First, a definition

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The Common Element Among Unique and Successful Businesses

Written by Robert DePalo Jr. JD, CExP,
Director of Business Planning,
National Financial Network

Successful business owners may face a conundrum as they pursue success. “Though my competitors do something similar, they don’t do it the way I do it. So, how do I know the right way to achieve success, especially if I don’t do things their way?”

It’s a bit of a paradox: how can you build and enhance your company’s unique qualities while adhering to commonly followed best practices? The key is having a planning process. Here are some of the things you should consider to position your unique business to achieve generally agreed-upon standards of success.

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Why Now Is the Perfect Opportunity to Promote Remote Learning for Employees

Written by Susan Fitzell

Going beyond the LMS with remote learning to boost retention and business growth

The pandemic has revealed a silver lining for employees: reduced commuting time. Rather than spending two to four hours per day commuting to and from an office, employees are signing on and off each day with zero commute time. They’ve gained so many more hours in their day that many workers are reluctant to return to the old office-based work structure.

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PIT Stops Win the Race

Written by Machen MacDonald

Successful people know the secret of slowing down to speed up. It's about simplification and elimination. Finding ways to lighten the load, staying focused on the destination, and doing what must get done to complete the journey.

In auto racing, pit stops are a necessity to complete the race. Replenishing fuel, changing tires as they wear down and become unsafe, cleaning windshields, and making minor adjustments or repairs are all part of the successful pit stop. Even though when a car pulls into the pits, the pack of cars it was once ahead of passes on by, the car is doing the best thing for its chance to win. The other cars will need to pit as well, at some point, providing our car the chance to leap ahead. If the other cars don’t pit they run the risk of running out of fuel or worse…crashing and not finishing the race because of a worn tire that blows out or mechanical failure.

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Hiring for Success-3 Key Steps

Written by Garrett Grega - Transforming Business Cultures and Leaders from the Inside Out

Have you ever hired the wrong person? If you could identify the characteristics for success in a position in advance, would you make the commitment? What if you had access to an assessment process that can compare “success” characteristics across multiple candidates, would this make it easier to hire?

Many companies approach their hiring process the same way. They cast a job description out and receive resumes from recruiters, employment sites, or their own career sites. As the hiring manager, you then need to filter through the list of resumes to find the perfect candidates for the role. Even after interviewing, you still may not know if the candidate will be a long-term fit for the organization.

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Growing Business Virtually the Easy Way

Written by Machen MacDonald

Stop wasting time and energy trying to figure out what to do to grow your business.

Successful professionals and business owners have a proven daily routine you can borrow.

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