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Create a Concise Plan for Success

Written by Machen MacDonald

Simple clear purpose in principle gives rise to complex intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior.” If this quote by Dee Hock contains truth, then your business plan, game plan, or even life plan must be concise. You must plan for success.

When it comes to writing business plans, many people either numb out and don’t do it, hire someone else to do it that doesn’t know them or their business, or they attempt to create a plan for success that ends up being just a multi-page document that is an exercise in futility.

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Do Business Cards Still Breed Business?

Written by Michael Goldberg

Is Carrying Business Cards Still Relevant?

As Billy Joel says, “Times they are a changing.” But did he ever need to carry a business card?

Virtual meetings have changed the way we network and conduct business. Conversations are often more focused, more efficient, and we can have more of them. Also, taking notes, doing “at the moment” research, and exchanging contact information is easy.

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