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A Dozen Tips for Effective Presentations When Managing Neurodiverse Employees

Written by Susan Fitzell

So often, managers call a meeting, share information, then end the session expecting employees to understand, assimilate, and implement the new information into their work endeavors. When this does not happen, a manager may feel frustrated with employees that just can’t do what they told them to do. Or a more self-reflective manager may wonder what is wrong with their presentation style. Add the fact that more managers are managing neurodiverse employees, and the challenge increases exponentially.

Here are a dozen ways to lead more effective presentations and meetings when managing neurodiverse employees.

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The Language of Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity Terms and Definitions in the Age of Inclusivity
Written by Susan Fitzell

In my work to help businesses and educational organizations develop and implement strategies that optimize learning and productivity in a neurodiverse world, I have come to realize that there is quite a bit of confusion out there about the simple terminology and vocabulary we use to discuss neurodiversity and the neurodivergent community.

An AHA Moment in a Podcast

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Neurodiversity at Work: How to Promote Inclusivity

by Susan Fitzell

And Avoid Stigma, Labels, and Discrimination

Fostering diversity and promoting inclusion is an essential component of organizational culture. Most of us are familiar with diversity in gender, race, and physical disabilities. When I mention neurodiversity to people, most often the response is a puzzled look and a question.

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