The Advantages of a Multidisciplinary Team Approach for Problem-Solving - Part 2

Written by Joe Curcillo

This is part two of The Advantages of a Multidisciplinary Team. Multidisciplinary teams, or MDTs, provide an environment for improved communication and collaboration, better decision-making, and flexibility & adaptability to tackle complex problems. MDTs combine the knowledge of different disciplines to quickly identify solutions, reduce the time needed to complete tasks, and achieve higher-quality results. This allows them to address any challenges efficiently and effectively.

How Diversity in Experience and Expertise Leads to More Effective Solutions (Part 2)

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Different Lives - Different Experiences

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D

Do you ever forget that there is so much more to you than simply your career and your family? Your family can be a blessing that makes life so worth living. Hopefully, your career calls you to continuously become so much more of who you are meant to be. Nonetheless, the many additional aspects of you may include your love of sports, your love of the sun, the outdoors, movies, walking, hiking, etc.

In addition to those, for most of us, there is also a calling to be a part of something bigger. To be a part of a community that feeds us and a part of making this world a better place. Since middle school, I have been involved in diversity and equity issues. This past Tuesday – 55 years to the day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder – a cherished friend of mine hosted an event at Three Rivers Community College here in CT. She presented a panel of Millennials sharing their ideas and concerns in the world of diversity and inclusion. Racism, sexuality, education, and even financial security were brought onto the table.

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A Dozen Tips for Effective Presentations When Managing Neurodiverse Employees

Written by Susan Fitzell

So often, managers call a meeting, share information, then end the session expecting employees to understand, assimilate, and implement the new information into their work endeavors. When this does not happen, a manager may feel frustrated with employees that just can’t do what they told them to do. Or a more self-reflective manager may wonder what is wrong with their presentation style. Add the fact that more managers are managing neurodiverse employees, and the challenge increases exponentially.

Here are a dozen ways to lead more effective presentations and meetings when managing neurodiverse employees.

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How to Add Some Knock Out Umph and Momentum NOW!

Written by Michael Goldberg

…To your day, your week, your month!

We all lose focus and momentum from time to time. Even me!

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Action for Traction and the Law of Attraction

Written by Machen MacDonald

I am enamored at the currently popular notion of the Law of Attraction and how it relates to growing a business. How cool is it to simply tune in to what you want and have it manifest? With movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep making more people aware of the concept, it seems that more and more people are relying on this universal law to grow their businesses.

Are you getting everything you want through the Law of Attraction?

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Be Attractive to Your Ideal Clients to Grow Your Business

Written by Machen MacDonald

Imagine a row of trees with only one or two thriving and in full bloom. Where does your attention go? Your focus doesn’t go to the small spindly looking trees with no leaves but rather to the ones with full blossoms and leaves. Many businesses tend to cut back their marketing and wonder why they’re not attracting the business they need in order to thrive.

Scores of business owners cut off critical marketing and promotion limbs because they hallucinate they can’t afford such things in times like these.

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What's Your Impact?

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD.

After speaking with someone about my work as a teacher, I mentioned that for every physician I taught the method of integrative health I developed, there were probably 1,000 or more patients he or she impacted over their career. I impacted one, he or she impacted thousands. Think of that…

Having taught innumerable physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc., etc., etc. think of the numbers of patients that have been reached over the years. It’s the same with every leader I worked with in reminding them to live their life on purpose, in peace and joy, with clarity, focus, and abundance. Think of the number of employees, vendors, and others he or she has touched. 

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How We View Neurodiversity Needs to Evolve

Written by Susan Fitzell

Historically, people have viewed neurodiversity from a deficit model point of view. Unfortunately, I’d say that this is the prevailing view. The world is still very much neurotypical-centric. Consider that neurodivergent brains are the other side of the same human neurological coin.

Humans tend to categorize, sort, and normalize information. In short, we do this to facilitate our understanding of a complex world. This tendency to categorize makes things manageable so we can focus on what we need to do. Unfortunately, this approach fails us when attempting to understand humans. We desperately want human interaction to be simple, but it isn’t.

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Overcome Worry and Anxiety by Answering These Two Questions

Written by Juli Shulem

Worried & Anxious? These Steps Could Help

Feelings of anxiety can affect anyone, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the sensation can be overwhelming and paralyzing making getting through the day challenging at best. Many clients I work with express their feelings of anxiety, worry, and stress --- and we work through this from a coaching perspective. The majority of the time the anxiety is reduced or quelled entirely in a matter of minutes with a short conversation and reframing their mindset.
Here is the process in 3 easy steps with 2 Questions and 1 Mantra:

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Shred Those Abs!

Written by Michael Goldberg

One of my favorite activities at the gym, other than training, is watching the people around me. It’s fun to see how others operate.

Today, I noticed a young man in excellent shape using an abdominal crunch machine right near me that I never realized was there. I liked the range of motion the machine seemed to provide.

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You Can Be More Productive

Written by Machen MacDonald

Are you caught in the busy trap? Do you wonder, at the end of the day, what you actually got accomplished? You know you were mega busy and worked harder than those around you. You may have even checked off a couple of items from your to-do list; even the ones you wrote down after you completed the task. Those count too. However, you can be more productive.

If you are like most people, you may have either forgotten that voicemail, email, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are tools for your convenience and efficiency, not the other way around. These tools may have crept into your life without you even being aware of how to really leverage them for your productivity and efficiency. Each of these is a tool in the physical environment within which you work or operate. The trick is to learn how to set up your physical environment, as well as the tools, to serve you better so you can be more productive.

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Splitting the Guard

Written by Michael Goldberg

Not too long ago, I was in the ring with a new sparring partner. He looked athletic and was about the same size as me. My coach was there to officiate the match-up.

Before we got started, as I always do, I asked my new sparring partner, “What’s the game?” Meaning, are we going full force, half power, just to the body, what are we doing? He just said that we should go easy and take it from there.

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The Advantages of a Multidisciplinary Team Approach for Problem-Solving

Written by Joe Curcillo

Some of the best problem-solving and innovation comes from efforts by groups of people from different departments and with diverse knowledge and skill sets. When a team is assembled that has people from various backgrounds and disciplines, ideas flow more freely and fully. These unique teams are known as multidisciplinary teams, or MDTs. When I first encountered MDTs as a prosecutor, I knew that they were well-rooted in the medical field.

Multidisciplinary teams are now occurring throughout the corporate world. The diversity of knowledge that these teams bring together is gaining more traction and recognition in today’s professional world.

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The Four Agreements

Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD 

I had an interesting conversation with a friend/business associate this week, and one of the key points I made was about the necessity of knowing what your integrity looks like. It will frequently be challenged by numerous situations which arise, some offering you options to short-cut, to let a touch of integrity go, or to rationalize to justify a particular decision.

It reminded me that our values need to be solid. We need to know what governs us, and how we want to define ourselves and our interactions with everyone we touch. My standard reference to the necessity of meditation, mindfulness, or prayer is a standard reminder of what supports us in knowing who we are and what values we want to live our lives by. Not one of us is perfect but all of us can be real and divinely human.

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The Best Tech Tools to Accelerate Learning

Written by Susan Fitzell

32+ apps to improve teaching and accelerate learning for school and career
Technology has revolutionized the way we approach learning. When I think back to my schooling and how I struggled through lectures and fell asleep on my textbooks trying to cram for my exams, I am a little jealous of the technology college kids have at their fingertips today. But mostly, I am excited for the opportunities it presents for different learning preferences and the neurodiverse to learn effectively.

Recently, I had the honor of being a guest on Shock Your Potential, hosted by Michael Sherlock. We discussed ways to learn faster to advance your career. In our conversation, I presented some ways to hack your brain to help you take in and retain information more effectively. And each of these methods has a corresponding app that you can download — often for free — to help you accelerate learning.

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What's Going on With Cannabis in the Workplace? Very Little.

Written by Stephen Trimboli

Lawful cannabis consumption in New Jersey is on a roll. There now are twenty recreational cannabis dispensaries in the state. Recreational cannabis sales in the third quarter of 2022 alone totaled $116,572,533. But measures to detect and remedy cannabis impairment in the workplace have not kept pace.

New Jersey’s “Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act” (CREAMMA) prohibits employers from taking adverse action against employees based solely on drug test results that are positive for cannabis. The positive test result must be accompanied by “a physical evaluation in order to determine {the} employee’s state of impairment,” to be conducted “by an individual with the necessary certification to opine on the employee’s state of impairment … related to the usage of a cannabis item.” The Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) was directed to create a program for the certification of such “Workplace Impairment Recognition Experts” (WIREs). But while cannabis sales explode, the CRC has yet to develop, or even propose, such a program – leaving employers in a quandary.

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Winning the Responsibility Game

Written by Machen MacDonald

To win the game of business and the business of life you must first master the Responsibility Game.

So, what is the Responsibility Game, you ask? It is simply responding with your abilities rather than falling into any of the three traps that drain you of your success and fulfillment. Simple, yet not easy. You can learn to play and win this game at the office with your team and colleagues, in the field with your clients and prospects, or even at home with your family.

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6 Reasons You Won't Hit Your Goals

Written by Michael Goldberg

How many times have you set a goal for yourself, and it fizzled? A fitness goal. Weight loss. Business. Financial. New job. That vacation destination you may never see, etc., etc.

Sometimes achieving a goal comes easy, which could mean that the goal wasn’t BIG enough. Often the goals are plenty BIG but they simply don’t get accomplished.

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How Multidisciplinary Teams Have Changed the Way We Work

Written by Joe Curcillo

The concept of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) has revolutionized the way in which businesses operate in the modern world. By bringing together a range of skill sets and perspectives, multidisciplinary teams can provide organizations with new ways of tackling complex problems and meeting their goals. In this article, we will explore the history of multidisciplinary teams and the impact they have had on the way we work.

The concept of a multidisciplinary team has evolved over the past several decades and, for those of you in law enforcement and healthcare, the phrase “multidisciplinary teams” has been around for a long time. The earliest form of this approach can be traced back to the 1950s and 60s when it appeared in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals, in all disciplines, began to realize the importance of working together to provide comprehensive care for patients.

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A New Year - A New Age Has Arrived!

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD 

Now that my birthday weekend is over and my thanksgiving for another year is ever-present, it is time to flourish as I look forward to what this year brings and to what I am inspired to create.

What I am discovering is that as time goes on, I am more determined to simplify where my company and I are going. I have the most amazing team with me and feel immensely blessed for what last year brought. However, after stepping back, my vision has been realigned yet again, and I am so excited about what is coming.

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