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The Value of Rest for Your Success

Written by Machen MacDonald

Are you overscheduled? Obsessing about your career? Fantasizing about lolling on an exotic island beach? You may be overdue for some rest. As the pace of modern life accelerates, the need for, and the value of rest sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Often, rest is exactly what we need to perform at our peak.

The Value of Rest

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What's Your Choice

Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

Thanksgiving has passed, the safety of travel is being questioned by most, and a new Covid variant has arrived.  Just another day in the neighborhood...

The real big question that I see hovering above all of this, however, is who do you want to be for the rest of this year? How do you want to live your life? A whole other level of questioning. 

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How to Cultivate Neurodiversity on Workplace Teams

Written by Susan Fitzell

Diversity of thought may be silently lurking – Give it a voice

A common excuse I hear against creating a more diverse workplace is that it is simply more work. However, this is true whether we are talking about culture and gender diversity or neurodiversity in the workplace. When we have different individuals working together, new challenges arise. 

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Five Strategies for Dealing with Change at Work

Written by Machen MacDonald

The world of work is changing at an extraordinary pace. The old rules no longer apply, and new rules are being written and rewritten all the time. Dealing with change can be unsettling, whether they’re potential or actual, positive or negative. You may be gearing up for a promotion, staring at a wide-open field of new prospective clients, or launching new products and services. Or you may be hunkering down in the face of outsourcing, downsizing, mergers, takeovers, and local and global competition.

How We Respond to Change

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What We Bring to the Table

Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

In speaking with an associate today we were discussing a common problem for many entrepreneurs, seasoned or neophyte; you know you have an amazing program, product, etc. and yet no matter how many times you offer it, no matter how you say it, there is little to no response.

It can leave you discouraged or even defeated and looking for a full-time position after a certain number of failed attempts. It can convince you that you don’t know anything. It can also cause you to reevaluate, how did the market change? Has your language not kept up with life’s changes? Is everyone else out there truly more competent than you?

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How to Finish a Task

Written by Juli Shulem

Are you someone who starts a whole bunch of projects and tasks yet rarely finishes any of them? You are in excellent company! A huge percentage (89% according to a study shared in the Huffington Post) of business people don’t finish their task list.  Starting things and not getting back to them often is a result of procrastination, excessive distractions, poor planning, or simply a lack of desire. Maybe the task lost its allure along the way and you just don’t care about it anymore. That could be a problem – or maybe a sign that perhaps it didn’t need to get started in the first place. Whatever the actual reason for not finishing what you started, it can leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed (particularly if you have several things left undone), and even a bit like a failure. If you don’t finish tasks at work repeatedly, it could even cost you your job. 

Finishing what we start is necessary for most things in our adult lives: We might be paid only after a job is complete; filing taxes (I know – daunting!)…you get the picture. Less important tasks may not have much value in their completion, so that may have less impact on your life. If, however, you are unable to get yourself to complete the important tasks, then this will require some effort to overcome. Exercising that ‘mindset muscle’ of pushing past the resistance can take some concerted effort – but I have some ideas that should help. 

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Six Steps to Make Your Team More Innovative with Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Written by Susan Fitzell

In the modern workplace, where team-based and project-based work are more popular than ever, companies must find ways to retain their employees. Losing employees is expensive and retention of talent allows companies to better compete against others who may be trying to poach them.

According to the SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report, 77% of employees reported that relationships with co-workers impacted their work engagement. 74% reported that relationships with their immediate supervisor impacted their engagement and job satisfaction. (Employee Job Satisfaction, 2016) One way to do this is by making teams as inclusive as possible and creating an environment where everyone can feel like they belong. 

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Is Your Business Ready for a Virtual Assistant?

Written by Jeff Sullivan

How to Know and How to Do It Right

If you do an internet search on “How to choose a virtual assistant” you will find a wealth of good articles and advice about:

  • why you should consider a virtual assistant (VA).
  • what you should look for in a VA.
  • how to utilize the talents of a VA productively for you.

At some point, every small business owner, entrepreneur, and sole proprietor (including me) finds themselves looking at a task and thinking, “I wish there were someone else who could do this so that I can focus on more important things.” It’s a perfectly logical byproduct of successful business growth.

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D.R.A.F.T. to Get Better Organized

Written by Machen MacDonald

Raise your hand if you have piles of files, a full voicemail box, a cluttered email inbox, or an overflowing to-do list.

For most entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is a reoccurring dilemma. Since business moves at the speed of thought, it happens. However, you can do something about it by managing yourself more effectively in relation to those items coming into your existence. 

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Managing Neurodivergent Employees

Written by Susan Fitzell

How to Navigate the Unique Challenges and Maximize the Talents of Your Neurodiverse Workforce

‘Management’ is an active and ongoing process with the goal of creating an environment where all employees flourish and unwrap their potential. When workers are empowered to use their entire spectrum of gifts, they are in better stead to advance company objectives, while simultaneously achieving their personal goals as well. 

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One of Those Days

Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

Have you had one of those days where you know you are going into a spiral of anger, revenge, and righteousness and know it, yet – in that moment don’t know if you want to leave the fall just ‘cause???? Your three-year-old is out and having a field day…

I had one of those days this week and could feel myself getting caught up in “They need to learn a lesson. They are unprofessional, inept, and totally disrespectful, entitled idiots.” Because I was using big words “knew” it was my mature adult speaking and dealing with the incompetents of the world. Thankfully I was smart enough to nonetheless get up and go about another task, any task, to get some distance.

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