The 4 P's of Your Brilliance

Written by Machen MacDonald

Your brilliance lies at the intersection of the four P’s.

Imagine a Venn diagram with four circles. Where those circles intersect is your zone of brilliance. That is where you must seek to spend the majority of your time and energy so you can feel happier and be more productive.


Purpose – These are the things you do exceptionally well. They may be things you studied and practiced to get great at doing. They may be things that come easily and naturally to you without much effort. They are the things people tell you that you are great at doing. Make a list of all these things.

Passion – These are the things you love to do. You tend to lose track of time when you are engaged in doing these activities. Doing these things contributes to your energy levels. You look forward to doing these things.

Profit/Productivity – These are the things that people will pay you to do because you are exceptionally good at them. These things contribute to the bottom line of the organization. Perhaps they help eliminate the waste of time, money, and/or energy. They may accelerate getting more productive things done in less time for more efficiency and productivity. They could magnify or increase the benefit, impact, or transformation of a product or service to serve more people. It could be as simple as something that helps people get what they need sooner rather than later.

Pull – The world needs more of it. People want to be happier, have more time, energy, and money to do what they want. They crave more and deeper connections. They want to feel heard, seen, and understood. How does doing what you’re good at and enjoy provide what the world wants, and even needs, more of in their lives?

Here are six steps to find your Zone of Brilliance and bring more joy and productivity into your work:

  1. Take some time and make a list for each of the four P’s above.
  2. Once you have made your lists, circle the items that show up on both your Purpose list and your Passion list.
  3. Of those that you circled, notice which ones also either show up, or belong on, the Profit/Productivity list.
  4. From there, isolate the overlap with the ones that qualify for the Pull.
  5. Notice the top themes that intersect the zone of all four P’s, i.e. your Brilliance!
  6. Endeavor to spend the majority of your time performing in your zone of Brilliance. Limit, eliminate or delegate things that are not in your zone.

This week, find the time to work these six steps to gain the clarity and confidence you seek.

Here’s to your ever-expanding successes!

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

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