It's All In Your Mind

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D

YOU BET IT IS! In listening to a podcast the other day, one of the distinctions that was made about Business Coaches was that some deal with the very pragmatic (theoretically, solely pragmatic) issues of finances, creating business plans, etc. while others deal with mindset.

It caused me to do a short meditation on what it is that I do. I support my clients in dreaming bigger, in putting a structure in place to support that bigger dream, and/or becoming the person who can create and maintain that bigger dream – usually by shifting their thinking – reprogramming their minds.

From that clarity, my mind drifted back to the second business I created, The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, LLC. It was opened after I had become certified in 9 different modalities of Integrative Health Care, now largely based on how our minds affect our health. Later with my doctoral dissertation, The Psycho/Spiritual Correlates of Physical Disease and Disorders, with research funded by an NIH grant, I personally showed how the mind impacts health, in that case specifically the disorder of Fibromyalgia.

Now, with an awareness of the power of your mind on your business's success or failure, life itself, including your health, take a moment to close your eyes, and experience how your body feels when I say it is going to be a glorious day with the sun shining and a lovely breeze with lots to enjoy outside with those you love.

Now take a moment to sit in the message that it will be two degrees out with bitter winds, car accidents everywhere, and a job loss announced. Feel any difference in your body?

Neither happened, yet simply hearing of each and sitting in that perceived reality, impacts your mind and then (or simultaneously) your body. Think of what happens in your mind on a daily basis. What stories do you tell yourself about your business, your relationships, your health, or even your future? Those stories impact you on every level. Not only do they make those dreams/nightmares a reality, but they can also keep you going after something that you may simultaneously be pushing away. Sounds crazy but it is so true.

“I’m never going to succeed at this.” “It’s as if everything is against me.” “My body has turned on me.” None of that was true! What if a clear focus, desire, passion, and persistence, along with whatever help you asked for was present? What if nothing was against you but everything was working for you? Perhaps you were simply dealing with the details that needed to be shifted so your dream could occur even greater than you imagined. What if your health was in your hands? What if creating a lifestyle of peace, relaxation, productivity, and self-care was the core message you needed to hear from this disease or disorder?

In my work with clients, what I am frequently told is “I never thought of it from that perspective. That makes it so workable…, so possible…, so different… so much less painful…. Changing your perspective, changing how your mind sees things, changes how your body experiences it. A new perspective can make the best business plan a fantasy or a reality. It can make your dream drudgery or exciting, and it can make your health a burden and a curse or a blessing and workable.

Listen to the stories and the perspective they create. When success needs to constantly be all-consuming, when you need to get lost in order to create a “good life” and there is never any time in your life for you but endless time for everyone else, reassess your mind and the stories you hold there. Simply change them if needed. You wrote the script – rewrite it.

This time with blessings galore, life as an adventure, and your business as your way of living your why, your purpose, and therefore called to great success. Your stories can reflect that and remind you “It’s all in your mind!” That’s where your reality starts and is supported. If you want to talk about it, drop me a line. If you need coaching to create a radical shift, I’m great at it since it feeds my soul…

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Juli Shulem - Saturday, May 13, 2023

SO TRUE! I have personally experienced this and love hearing it wasn't just 'me' manifesting what I thought --- both positive and negative. There is a book I read decades ago entitled "You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought" and I have been living by that credo ever since. This line you wrote: "You wrote the script – rewrite it." is fabulous! Yep - change the recording in your head and move on! Thanks Dr. D.!

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