Action for Traction and the Law of Attraction

Written by Machen MacDonald

I am enamored at the currently popular notion of the Law of Attraction and how it relates to growing a business. How cool is it to simply tune in to what you want and have it manifest? With movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep making more people aware of the concept, it seems that more and more people are relying on this universal law to grow their businesses.

Are you getting everything you want through the Law of Attraction?

I truly believe invoking this law is most definitely a worthy endeavor.

However, most people I speak with regarding this concept share a flawed premise. They tend to believe that, once they proclaim what they want to attract, all they need to do is wait for it to show up. At that point, I like to direct their attention to the assertion that seventy percent of the word “attraction” is made up of “action.”

The Law of Attraction often requires action

I agree it is important to get clear on what you want to do, be, or have (what you want to attract). I know whatever you want to attract is already available to you right this very moment. The question is, are you making yourself available to what you want?

To make yourself available, or attractive, to what you want, it is mission critical to also have a plan of action that will ultimately lead to that achievement. Unless you are an alchemist, it is imperative to implement your plan to make you attractive to what you want. We know that, with any plan, there will be detours along the way. That is okay as long as you trust yourself to be flexible and adapt while knowing that delays are not denials.

A three-part formula for leveraging the Law of attraction:

Set Your Intention
Get clear on what it is you want for yourself and your business. See it in your mind’s eye. Feel it in your heart as if you have already achieved it. It is helpful for many people to actually write out their desired vision and review it at least daily.

Pay Attention
This is where you need to get “real” about what it is going to take and whether you are willing to do what it takes. If you are looking to take on three new clients this month do you know what it will take to do so? In order to get one client, how many proposals do you need to present? How many prospective clients do you need to have in order to have one that is appropriate and receptive to receiving your proposal? How many names of potential prospects do you need in order to qualify as your ideal prospect? Do you know your numbers? What is your process for getting people to know you, like you, and then trust you enough to become your client? Do you have a process?

Ad-libbing is for amateurs. Professionals have a process. If you don’t know this critical information, how will you know what you must pay attention to?

Experience Less Tension
When you complete the first two steps, have clarity of what you really want for yourself, and have created a plan to be more attractive to what you want, you will find yourself experiencing less tension.

When you have less tension and are feeling more relaxed, confidence and faith in your ability are escalated. You will find it easier to take more inspired action to accomplish your goals. As you become and feel more resourceful you will notice that you start getting certain breaks, things fall into place easier, there seems to be less resistance, and the right people tend to show up.

To get traction with the Law of Attraction you must take action.

Make it up, make it fun, make it happen!

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