How to Add Some Knock Out Umph and Momentum NOW!

Written by Michael Goldberg

…To your day, your week, your month!

We all lose focus and momentum from time to time. Even me!

It’s easy to get caught up in our business networking and not be as focused on other important aspects of our business.

Here are some ways to load up on your punches and get back to what’s important, like the goals you may have set for the year.

Review your goals – Easy if you wrote them down! If you didn’t, no worries. Your intentions may be different now anyway. Give this some thought and grab a pen or keyboard. The next best time to set (or re-set) your goals if you haven’t already is right NOW!

Own your calendar – Review and, potentially, update how you want your weekly calendar to look. Projects in the morning (time to work on your goals) and meetings in the afternoons? What works best for you? Create your “Model Week” NOW for the next couple of weeks and then moving forward. Then schedule all upcoming meetings and tasks according to that Model Week. Be rigorous, say no when needed, and direct both tasks and people to be part of the calendar you want. Plug and play!

Begin the day with “you time” – Maybe it’s exercise, reading, meditation, or working on a passion project that’s important to you. If you plan your “you time” early in the morning, it’s often uninterrupted time that truly belongs to YOU. And it helps create momentum that will last the day!

Plan your work and work your plan – As in rinse and repeat. Create each perfect day according to your Model Week and follow that plan. In fact, don’t let anyone – friends, family, prospects, clients, take you away from your plan. In fact, that’s part of the plan!

Put these systems in place NOW and start today, this week, next week, and this next quarter with a flourish!

What will you do, next, to get more umpf and focus? Comment below!

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