What's Your Impact?

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD.

After speaking with someone about my work as a teacher, I mentioned that for every physician I taught the method of integrative health I developed, there were probably 1,000 or more patients he or she impacted over their career. I impacted one, he or she impacted thousands. Think of that…

Having taught innumerable physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc., etc., etc. think of the numbers of patients that have been reached over the years. It’s the same with every leader I worked with in reminding them to live their life on purpose, in peace and joy, with clarity, focus, and abundance. Think of the number of employees, vendors, and others he or she has touched. 

What’s your impact?
Spend a minute just thinking of the number of people you touch in any given week. Within your family, your office, your social circle, spiritual circle if you have one…

Imagine how many people you have the ability to impact in a negative or positive way as well as the folks they interact with. Which way do you choose? What impact do you choose?

Many of us simply go through life not recognizing the power of impact we are having, the power to transform, to inspire, to motivate, to support, it’s amazing. What’s even more amazing is that if you don’t choose to live consciously, you have the ability to minimize your impact or create one you would never intentionally choose.

What is the impact you want to have on the world around you? Within your family? Elsewhere? You truly are unlimited in your ability to create shifts in those you touch. A simple smile of hello to a lonely person in the supermarket can make their day. Imagine what a conversation while waiting in line to check out can do. I’ve had many say: “You’re the first person I’ve talked to all day.” Or “You have certainly made me smile…” It takes so little to touch a life. Providing another perspective to someone who desperately needs one is powerful both professionally and personally.

The practice of mindfulness, or developing emotional intelligence, calls you to a whole other way of living. Either or both can call you to recognize how great it feels to truly connect with someone, especially someone who may need a “friend” far more than you realize. Again, both personally and professionally. A question such as “How can I help?” changes not just the person you may help, but it changes you as well. It expands you. It calls you to recognize your innate goodness and the joy of walking this world together with so many others. 

Choose the impact you wish to have beforehand. Spreading joy? Gratitude? Clarity? Peace? Encouragement? It’s unlimited. Recognize, however, that without clear intent, it is so easy to get lost in impatience, anger, fear, chaos, and so on. The power of choice and most certainly conscious choice, calls you to spread that choice to yourself as well as others. If you don’t feel like doing it for others today, do it for yourself. It may just make your day or even your week.

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