Shred Those Abs!

Written by Michael Goldberg

One of my favorite activities at the gym, other than training, is watching the people around me. It’s fun to see how others operate.

Today, I noticed a young man in excellent shape using an abdominal crunch machine right near me that I never realized was there. I liked the range of motion the machine seemed to provide.

I finished my workout using that ab machine and really loved the way it made me feel. I decided I’m going to work that machine into my daily repertoire in the gym.

Funny how I never noticed such a great machine!

There are so many powerful resources to help us improve, right in front of us every day, but we often don’t take the time to notice or think about them.

How many of you want to get more organized? More focused? Get better at prospecting? LinkedIn marketing? Or whatever!

If there is something you’re looking to improve, no doubt you know of someone that is highly skilled in that area that you can learn from.

You just have to ask.

When coaching groups of financial advisors, I will often ask them what the top producers in their offices are doing that they are not.

Heck, when boxing, I’m always looking to spar with someone just a bit better so I can get a bit better. I believe this approach can be applied to almost everything!

What skill are you looking to improve?

Who do you know that is great at that skill?

How can they help?

If you don’t know how they can help, just ask.

And work on those abs!

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