Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

So much sadness, so much horror is out there in the world. When dictators know nothing about boundaries, about borders, and live only in regards to feeding their egos, it reminds us all of the worst of who we, as humans, can become. To counteract that, how can we, as one world, as global citizens, support those suffering under this barbaric act? How can we express the best of who we, as humans, can become? That is a choice each of us needs to make. Brutality calls out the best in each of us to support those who are suffering in any way we can. 

It also calls us to remember that we need to be aware of the choices we make, of how we have chosen to think, grow, and act. We may never reach such a level of debauchery, of brutality, but our microaggressions, our intentional wounding of those we dislike, those we have no patience with, those we feel better than, are all signs of a brutality we have the power to eliminate quickly, even immediately, if we choose. 

Because we are intrinsically good, we have the ability to make this world a better place, to make each one of us a better individual. I happen to believe we are already there. We already are the best of who we are called to be. It doesn’t mean we act from there or even see ourselves there, but making that choice to let the best of who we are shine – can instantly transform our relationships, our views of the world, and our vision of how we fit here. Anything is possible if we believe it, if we act accordingly. 

Notice how your heart opens when you see a kind act, when you see the exquisite innocence of an infant or a toddler, or how your heart breaks when you see suffering, and grief. That’s because each touches the best of who you are. Your goodness, your compassion, and your heart, all know how naturally your heart is touched or your tears flow. All because you are intrinsically loving, intrinsically good, and yes, intrinsically holy. What an amazing reality. 

We are truly here to reflect the best of who we are – who we already are if we get out of our own way. It brings inner peace, inner joy, and literally physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How much easier can it be to see that we are naturally called to such a state as unconditional love, compassion, and of course humor…. It’s what makes us healthy. It’s the best thing for us. 

My patients, my clients, my students, and my friends hear it frequently. Life is a gift and with humor and faith, we got this. It’s not easy but it is simple. Making a choice to live our lives being the best of who we are makes all of us happy and healthy. Go for it. 

I wish each of you the gift of peace, the gift of strength to be your best self, and the gift of health that comes from each. You deserve it and the world needs it. 


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