6 Tips For Using LinkedIn!

6 Tips for Using LinkedIn

Written by MerriLyn Gibbs

In our current work-from-home climate, the use of LinkedIn has become more and more important. It is a means of connecting, nurturing relationships, and promoting business and career development. Still, there also seems to be a lot of confusion on how to use it properly and what to actually "DO" with the platform.

As a way to cut through the noise and create simplicity, here are 6 tips to streamline the process:

1. Connect: 
The connect should always be the first step. “Connecting” is done through these simple steps:
  • Log in to LinkedIn
  • Click on the white box in the top left corner (where it says “search”)Click on “People
  • Write the Person’s name with whom you want to connect
  • Click on the Blue Button “Connect” in the top right corner
  • Click on “Add a note
  • Add a note, such as:

    If You Met Through Networking
    So great you attended the (Event Name). Let’s connect here to learn more about each other's businesses and create a more powerful synergy for success. 

    Happy Tuesday (or whatever day you are sending the note).

    (Your Name


    If you are connecting to a 2nd Connect:
    I was looking through my contacts, and it looks like we both know (Name). Since we both love the same person, let’s also connect! Might be fun to see where our synergy takes us!

    (Your Name)

  • Click on “Send”

It is important to remember the “connect” is the most important part of the process because it is how you add people to your network.

A few tips to remember . . .

  • This is not a Sales Pitch. Tip -- The messaging should be warm and friendly.
  • You want to give them a reason to connect with you. Saying that you met somewhere or through a mutual connection is the easiest way to connect with them.

2.  Request a Meeting: 
Once the connection has accepted the connection request, you are now ready to ask for a meeting if this is someone you would like to connect with further. The message should continue to be light and friendly. FOCUS ON THEM. Something like:

If you have a calendar link and want to use it, here’s a sample content you can use:  
So glad we are connected! I would love to learn more about you and your business. How about a virtual coffee? You can schedule at the link below! Looking forward to connecting more soon! ~ (Add your scheduling link)  


So glad we are connected! I would love to learn more about you and your business. How about a virtual coffee? Would (date and time) or (date and time) be good for you? If not, let me know which two times in the next month would be convenient for you.  

Looking forward to connecting more soon!

A few tips to remember . . .

  • It is always easier for someone to get back to you when you propose two specific dates and times than to say something like “let me know when you have time in the next week…”!
  • If you give them specific dates and times, they can simply look at their calendar and say yes to one of them.
  • If you ask them to propose a date and time, they have to do more work by having to look at their calendar and figure out when it would be convenient for them.

3.  Nurture Your Network:

Most people don’t see social media posting as “nurturing”, but that is exactly what it is. I can honestly say that I actually know each one of my almost 2,000 Connections on Linkedin. However, there is really no way that I can talk to them on a regular basis.  There just isn’t enough time on the planet for that.

What I can do, however, is produce great quality content on my LinkedIn that pops into their feed consistently. This then keeps me top of mind and helps them remember me and our business.

4.  Create Original Content:
It is really important to engage your audience with you and your brand’s personality. It also is important to give credibility to your expertise and give value to your audience.

Here are great ideas for Original Content:

  • Social Graphics and Copy
    • Eye-catching graphics that really relate to your brand!
    • Provide tips to your audience
    • Funny anecdotes relating to your brand.
    • Videos or GIFs that talk about your brand (BE AWARE . . . These need to be short. In most recent studies, the current attention span on videos is 20 seconds.
  • Write a blog and promote it on LinkedIn - This gets people to your website which at the end of the day is exactly where we want our audience to go. This way, people can go directly to your website, which is exactly where we want our audience to go.
  • Create a newsletter 
    • This can all be original or you can cite great articles you are reading, podcasts you are listening to, etc. You can also promote your events here as well.
    • This also provides a snapshot to your entire audience about what you highlight in your newsletter and leaves them wanting more… Goal: Having them sign-up to your newsletter.
    • This can all be original or you can cite great articles you are reading, podcasts you are listening to, etc. You can also promote your events here.
    • This also provides your entire audience with a snapshot of what you highlight in your newsletter and makes them want more... Goal ~ Having them sign up to your newsletter!
  • Sign-Up to our newsletter post - Yep, right after you send them a link to your newsletter . . . the next day, create a post using the primary link to subscribe. Something like ~ “I would love to have you join our community . . . here is the link.” You can also give the link to the newsletter, but not as the hyperlink this time.

5.  Stay personally engaged with your audience:
Here are simple ways you can do this
  • Continue to direct message your VIP lists. Do this systematically; try starting with 10 or 20 per week.  Possible messaging could be: 

    Hi (Name), 

    How are you? Saw your recent post on the new HR Laws and really thought it was so informative (or other personal messaging here). After I read it, I realized it has been months (weeks, years, etc.) since we spoke last. I would love to jump on a call and learn about what’s new with you and your business (you can then continue with the time and date messaging from above to schedule the call).

  • Create a Linkedin Group -  This is a great way to engage with a closed circle of your audience. Also, LinkedIn allows you direct invites to your group. If you are interested in this option, here is the link to teach you how to create your group.  Send them a direct message asking them to subscribe to your newsletter: Here is an example:  

    Hi (Name),

    Hope all is well with you, your business, and your loved ones! 

    I just started a newsletter as a means to stay better connected to our community. I would love for you to subscribe so that you can stay current with what we are doing here at Assistants 4 Hire and give you continual value and tips to stay effective in your business admin processes. Here is the link to join (add link)

6. Time Block Your Work On LinkedIn:

Whatever you decide to do on LinkedIn, remember it is really important to pace yourself. I suggest 1-2 blocks a week for no more than an hour and stick to it.

Nothing on LinkedIn needs to be done immediately. Use the first-time block for all of your reach out and messaging. Use the second time block to schedule your social using a platform like Hootsuite (it’s FREE)!!

My Personal Tip:  I do all of my LinkedIn work for one hour a week on Friday afternoons while watching TV with a nice glass of wine!


LinkedIn has had a huge impact on building Assistants 4 Hire (www.assistants4hire.net) for me. When I started my business in New York four years ago, I was “fresh off the boat” you might say. I knew only 2 people in the city. Through my online networking efforts and using Linkedin as a way to stay connected to those in my network, I know almost 2,000 people.

Want to learn more tips and tricks for your LinkedIn? We offer training. Book a time HERE and chat with me so I can learn more about your needs and schedule a training session with you!

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Michael Goldberg - Thursday, March 11, 2021

MerriLyn, this is a great piece. Thank you for sharing so many great tips!

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