Promotional Products and a Pandemic

Written by Fred Taffer


One minute you’re working hard to grow your business and then out of nowhere...silence. With no warning or time to prepare, every industry was quickly affected by Covid-19. There’s no telling how long before we are safely beyond this pandemic and fully functioning, so we are all left with one choice...adapt.

There are many valuable ways to adapt your business through the use of promotional products. By adjusting your marketing strategy for the current climate, promotional products can help maintain your visibility, engage with clients and employees, and still make an impact during this pandemic.

For those of us in the promotional industry, we soon found demand for personal protective equipment from masks and sanitizer to protective barriers. That transitioned into work from home kits along with recognition gifts for clients and employees. And now we’re seeing the following trends...

Direct Mail - With more people staying and working from home, some good, old-fashioned snail mail has become a treat once again. We have more time to process and make a personal connection as opposed to the passing e-blast. Whether for brand recognition and retention, information and services or emotional appeal, businesses are finding success with direct mail when specifically targeted.

Themed Kits & Baskets - Let your clients and employees know how much you appreciate them with thoughtfully themed offerings. Whatever your purpose...Thank You & Appreciation, Inspiration & Feel Good, Health & Wellness, Fun & Entertaining...the promotional options are limitless. So be creative and make it memorable.

Branded Apparel - As we’ve retreated to a world of virtual meetings and networking from home, it’s important to make sure people remember who you and your company are. The backgrounds may vary, but people will recall a visibly branded shirt or blouse after communicating with so many different people each day.

Holiday Gifts - Nothing touches us more then when we’re remembered at the holidays. A gift makes everyone feel valued and a customized promotional product will make a lasting impression. We’re finding more of our clients receptive to this concept and foresee a greater holiday surge than years past.

As we continue to work through this ever-changing culture of pandemicity, adapting our focus to current trends is a necessity. The one thing that will remain constant is your targeted promotional products in front of your clients keeping your business on brand and your employees up to date.

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