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The Value of Rest for Your Success

Written by Machen MacDonald

Are you overscheduled? Obsessing about your career? Fantasizing about lolling on an exotic island beach? You may be overdue for some rest. As the pace of modern life accelerates, the need for, and the value of rest sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Often, rest is exactly what we need to perform at our peak.

The Value of Rest

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READ to Succeed

Written by Machen MacDonald

Readers are leaders. In addition to reading, leaders READ to succeed.

It is said that knowledge is power. The acquisition of knowledge can come from books, videos, courses, and the like. However, there are plenty of knowledgeable, informed, and smart people that can’t get out of their own way and stay stuck in mediocrity. Real power is putting knowledge into action and getting traction toward your goals and objectives.

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