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Splitting the Guard

Written by Michael Goldberg

Not too long ago, I was in the ring with a new sparring partner. He looked athletic and was about the same size as me. My coach was there to officiate the match-up.

Before we got started, as I always do, I asked my new sparring partner, “What’s the game?” Meaning, are we going full force, half power, just to the body, what are we doing? He just said that we should go easy and take it from there.

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Thoughts for Closing the Deal

Written by Joe Curcillo

You walk out the door, thanking the potential client for their time, and tell them that you will stop back in later in the year to review their needs. You leave upbeat and happy, but you did not get the deal.

You poured your heart and soul into the close, but you were rejected. Well, you know you weren’t actually rejected but it still stings a little. You remind yourself, “Tomorrow is another day.”

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21 Ways to Get Out of a Sales Slump Fast

Written by Suzanne Taylor-King

Sales slumps can do more harm than good for your business and your morale if you do not address them quickly and begin moving forward. The ideas below will help you address your sales slump immediately so you can begin the process of shaking the slump and propelling your business and your profits onward and upward.

The good news is that you do not have to implement all of these ideas at the same time. Go through the list one by one and begin making the changes you feel will offer the best results fastest.

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