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Different Lives - Different Experiences

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D

Do you ever forget that there is so much more to you than simply your career and your family? Your family can be a blessing that makes life so worth living. Hopefully, your career calls you to continuously become so much more of who you are meant to be. Nonetheless, the many additional aspects of you may include your love of sports, your love of the sun, the outdoors, movies, walking, hiking, etc.

In addition to those, for most of us, there is also a calling to be a part of something bigger. To be a part of a community that feeds us and a part of making this world a better place. Since middle school, I have been involved in diversity and equity issues. This past Tuesday – 55 years to the day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder – a cherished friend of mine hosted an event at Three Rivers Community College here in CT. She presented a panel of Millennials sharing their ideas and concerns in the world of diversity and inclusion. Racism, sexuality, education, and even financial security were brought onto the table.

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What's Your Impact?

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD.

After speaking with someone about my work as a teacher, I mentioned that for every physician I taught the method of integrative health I developed, there were probably 1,000 or more patients he or she impacted over their career. I impacted one, he or she impacted thousands. Think of that…

Having taught innumerable physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc., etc., etc. think of the numbers of patients that have been reached over the years. It’s the same with every leader I worked with in reminding them to live their life on purpose, in peace and joy, with clarity, focus, and abundance. Think of the number of employees, vendors, and others he or she has touched. 

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It's An Odd World

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD

Have you ever noticed that the most skilled, qualified folks, have a large sense of insecurity or uncertainty about so many things they are not expected to know?  Or that the folks who are just starting out have an amazing sense of all-knowingness?

A theoretical physicist I know will not feel he has accomplished anything until he equals or exceeds his idol who has long passed over. Another friend is thrilled at simply getting the laundry completed.

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