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Apollo Creed

Written by Michael Goldberg

Best boxing movie?

Arguably, Rocky. The original. The one and only. And the one that helps establish Sylvester Stallone as a movie star and a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame. And, of course, Apollo Creed played by the master of disaster, Carl Weathers.

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The Gift of Making a Decision

Written by Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D

I’ve written frequently about mindset and here I go again. Coming at it from the strangest of directions – gardening. It’s that time of year again when mulching needs to be considered and then executed. Do I buy the standard mix of soft and hardwoods, to be spread amongst my plants and shrubs, etc., and then replace it every 2-3 years, or do I pay 2-3 times as much and get the latest trend of brown shredded rubber tires that last 12-15 years?

There really is no one right answer. Whichever serves you the best way possible – that’s YOUR right answer… Higher price but does not attract all kinds of bugs and infestations, and lasts an extremely long time, or less expensive but carpenter ants and other pests will progressively thank you for it more and more over time, and it needs to be replaced or supplemented every two years? Uncharacteristically, it’s taken me two weeks to step out of the maze and confusion of the two choices.

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