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The Value of Rest for Your Success

Written by Machen MacDonald

Are you overscheduled? Obsessing about your career? Fantasizing about lolling on an exotic island beach? You may be overdue for some rest. As the pace of modern life accelerates, the need for, and the value of rest sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Often, rest is exactly what we need to perform at our peak.

The Value of Rest

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What's Your Choice

Written by Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

Thanksgiving has passed, the safety of travel is being questioned by most, and a new Covid variant has arrived.  Just another day in the neighborhood...

The real big question that I see hovering above all of this, however, is who do you want to be for the rest of this year? How do you want to live your life? A whole other level of questioning. 

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Five Strategies for Dealing with Change at Work

Written by Machen MacDonald

The world of work is changing at an extraordinary pace. The old rules no longer apply, and new rules are being written and rewritten all the time. Dealing with change can be unsettling, whether they’re potential or actual, positive or negative. You may be gearing up for a promotion, staring at a wide-open field of new prospective clients, or launching new products and services. Or you may be hunkering down in the face of outsourcing, downsizing, mergers, takeovers, and local and global competition.

How We Respond to Change

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